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you'll be the first and last to know.
09 August 2005 @ 12:28 am
A system of tags is used to organize this journal. Memories can easily be browsed by going here. Tags, however, might require a bit more explanation.

Note that some of these tags may not have been used yet. They're just listed here in case I ever choose to post certain things.

help: Entries that explain things about this journal, such as this one.
art: All entries that include art.

animanga: Artwork drawn in an anime/manga style.
photography: Photography.
sketches: Sketches or incomplete works.
marker: Artwork colored mainly in Copic marker.
watercolor: Artwork painted with watercolors.
cpencil: Artwork colored with colored pencils.
cg: Artwork colored in Photoshop or another digital program.
oekaki: Artwork created on an oekaki board.

original: Artwork featuring original characters.
fanart: Artwork including characters from existing series.
gifts: Gift art, drawn for others.

gov: Anything related to my untitled (as of now) story.
dafam: Artwork of members of DA Family in a somewhat SD style, a set which I hope to work on.
you'll be the first and last to know.
09 August 2005 @ 04:35 pm
This entry serves as a gallery.

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